Your Identity is like your reflection in a body of water; Often distorted and unclear, sometimes masking qualities that society usually sees first.  Unquestioningly beautiful.

-Nicole Munoz


Positive I is an organization which aims to discuss the different categories that make up our Identities, in order to normalize differences and create a more accepting world. 


Get Ready For Monthly Podcasts discussing a new area of Identity each Month!

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Visit our resources page in the "get involved" tab to find the links to organizations in order for us to support you the best we can while discussing some hard topics.
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Bowl of Peaches
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Why the Logo?

Be on the lookout for our first blog post coming in January of 2021 discussing our logo and what it means! 

Image by Hao Zhang

What are we if not small fragments of society's creation, rough and ragged in places as well as smooth in others, molded and crafted to unique imperfection. Refined by man himself. We are diamonds and so is our identity. Multifaceted. Manufactured by society. The question is, how will we take this knowledge and use it for the betterment of our world?

-Nicole Munoz

This organization is in the beginning stages. For frequent status updates follow our Instagram @positive__i