The Positive I podcast will be released monthly featuring a new speaker each time! Each month, a different aspect of Identity will be examined and discussed and a speaker will be featured who either affiliates with the Identity group, or is part of an organization which supports people who Identify in that way and what their mission is! 

February Podcast: Stacy Mitry
Join me, Nicole Muñoz in my first podcast for The Positive I Podcast as I speak with Stacey Mitry, a former FBI agent and the first Female Sniper in the FBI, who has continued her journey of elevating women through her Empowered Mindset and Self Defense Course. We will discuss what the term Feminity means to Stacey and how it can be redefined to include All Women!
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March Podcast: Doug Koester
​Join me, Nicole Muñoz in my second podcast for The Positive I Podcast. This will be the final part to Positive I's discussion on Positive Masculinity and Femininity, as I speak with Doug Koester, who primarily works to engage men and boys in violence prevention, and teaches bystander intervention to help people take action. We will discuss what the term Positive Masculinity means to Doug and the work that he, and many others are doing to help men and boys be who they truly are while understanding the Masculine norms, in order to reduce hurt and harm in our world! 
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May Podcast:

Join me, Nicole Muñoz in my third podcast for The Positive I Podcast. This will be Positive I's discussion with Phredd MatthewsWall,  a Senior Associate Program Director for Staff Development at Facing History and Ourselves. In this role, he works to maintain the high level of quality of Facing History’s professional development offerings, especially for events put on in the summer months. Currently based in the Chicago office, Phredd is familiar with many aspects of Facing History, having spent the past 31 years at the organization. He also has a wealth of education-related experience from his time as a classroom teacher, program coordinator, and curriculum and educational consultant. Phredd holds a B.A. in Education and Curriculum Development from Tufts University. Phredd grew up in NYC in the Harlem Community, eventually attending Phillips Academy in Andover MA during his formative H.S. years. He eventually stayed in MA attending Tufts University and teaching in the Cambridge Public Schools before joining Facing History and Ourselves in 1988 where he continues on staff today. 

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