• Nicole Munoz

Why the Logo?

As the first blog post of Positive I, it seemed fitting to discuss the logo of our organization! The symbol to the left of the words Positive I is a diamond. Six months ago, when I was coming up with ideas for the organization, I came up with the quote "What are we if not small fragments of society's creation, rough and ragged in places as well as smooth in others, molded and crafted to unique imperfection. Refined by man himself. We are diamonds and so is our identity. Multifaceted. Manufactured by society. The question is, how will we take this knowledge and use it for the betterment of our world?" It is quite a mouthful, I know! Just as a diamond is composed of facets, impurities, rough edges, our identities are as well. Henceforth, our logo was a diamond. The colors within the image were selected with great consideration as well. The initial concept for Positive I was to be a platform discussing Gender and Positive Masculinity and Femininity. The dark blue on one side of the diamond, and purple on the other, which mix and fade together in the middle is symbolic of society's gender divide, and my desire for eventually, there to be a point where future generations will not know gender to be a barrier to their success and to their physical and mental health. There will already be enough challenges in chasing our dreams, and gender should not be one of them.

-Nicole Munoz, Founder of Positive I

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